How Far Is The Three Point Line In Basketball?

The 3-point line is universal throughout all levels of basketball, even if the lengths vary. In the NBA, the 3-point line is 22 feet in the corners and 23 feet, 9 inches everywhere else. A 20-foot, 6-inch line is used in the WNBA and overseas games.

Similarly, Where is the 3 point line measured from?

The answer has received 5 votes. A plumb bob is used to measure the line from the CENTER of the basket. College and high school regulations in the United States stipulate a distance of 19 feet, 9 inches (6.02 m) from the basket for both men and women.

Also, it is asked, How far is a 3 point shot?

The 3-point line is universal throughout all levels of basketball, even if the lengths vary. In the NBA, the 3-point line is 22 feet in the corners and 23 feet, 9 inches everywhere else. A 20-foot, 6-inch line is used in the WNBA and overseas games.

Secondly, How far is the free-throw line from the rim?

The free throw line is 19 feet from the court’s edge and 15 feet from the backboard’s front. The three-point shooting line is 19’9′′ from the hoop’s center. The NBA court key and free throw line are the same lengths as in high school basketball.

Also, How old is the 3-point line?

The NBA adopted the 3-point line for the 1979-80 season after a one-year trial period, during which future Hall of Famers Magic Johnson and Larry Bird were rookies. The NBA, however, was not the first professional basketball league to use a 3-point line.

People also ask, Did they extend the 3-point line?

Before the 1994-95 season, the NBA reduced the 3-point line to a uniform 22 feet, but it was put back following the 1996-97 season. 3-pointers as a percentage of total shots attempted by Division I men’s teams has decreased since the most recent modification, falling to 37.5 percent last season and 37.6 percent so far this season, through games in January.

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Is the women’s 3-point line shorter?

In fact, it fell below 31% for the first time since the 2011-12 season, when the women’s game moved the 3-point line back from 19 feet, 9 inches to 20 feet, 9 inches.

Can a 6 foot man dunk?

To recap, you can dunk a basketball really rapidly if you are roughly 6 feet tall. Shorter individuals, on the other hand, can dunk with ease. Although this implies more severe muscular training and vertical leaps will be required. You’ll probably dunk with a little luck and work.

How tall is WNBA hoop?

10 feet in height

How tall is curry?

6′ 2″ Curry, Stephen / Height

Is the 3 point line the same distance all around?

Basketball’s Three-Point Line The three-point line is an arc at most levels of basketball, thus three-point shots are the same distance no matter where you are on the field. The NBA three-point line, on the other hand, is a three-part construction consisting of two straight lines and a central arc.

Why did the NBA shorten the 3 point line?

The NBA sought to address lower scoring by decreasing the line from 23 ft 9 in (7.24 m) (22 ft (6.71 m) at the corners) to a uniform 22 ft (6.71 m) around the hoop for three seasons starting in 1994–95.

Who created the three-point line?

Eddie Rios Mellado, who led a children’s league in Puerto Rico, invented the 3-point line and utilized it in an international competition in 1962. In 1961, the short-lived American Basketball League used the 3-point shot for the first time. With each successful 3, a bulb above the basket lit up.

Why is the NBA 3 point line farther?

For a few of seasons in the mid-90s, David Stern permitted the shortening of the 3-point line. This led in a 3-point explosion, with Michael Jordan shooting over 40% from 3-point range with a reduced line. In 1997, the line was lowered to 23 feet, 9 inches at the top of the key.

When did the NBA move the 3 point line closer?

In the 1990s, the NBA modified the three-point line distance. The three-point line’s length varies depending on the organization. In the NBA, three-point shots are not taken from the same distance as in the WNBA, FIBA, or NCAA.

Is Womens 3 point line closer?

For the upcoming 2021-22 season, the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Committee recommended changing the women’s three-point line from 20′ 9″ to 22′ 1.75″ for all divisions. This adjustment matches the three-point attempt distance with the WNBA and the international line.

Can grab rim but can’t dunk?

The gap between being able to touch the rim and being able to dunk is often overlooked. You must obtain the basketball’s complete height above the hoop, as well as the momentum to really push it over the rim. To be able to stay up there long enough to turn it back a bit, you’ll need additional height.

How tall is Candace Parker?

6′ 4″ Height of Candace Parker

Is WNBA rim bigger?

The WNBA’s rims are 10 feet above the floor, much like the NBA’s, and Delle Donne believes that by being closer to the basket, female players can show off their agility and draw in more spectators.

Is Steph short?

Stephanie and her derivatives, as well as the male given name Stephen, are sometimes abbreviated as Steph.

How tall is Giannis?

6′ 11″ Height of Giannis Antetokounmpo

How tall is Michael Jordan?

6′ 6″ Height of Michael Jordan

How far does backboard overhang court?

2–4 feet

How far is an NBA free-throw line?

15 feet tall

Who was the youngest player to score 10000 points in the NBA?

Kobe Bryant becomes the youngest player in Lakers history to reach 10,000 points. Kobe Bryant is one of the most decorated scorers in NBA history, ranking third all-time in scoring.

Who made the first 3 point shot?

Ford’s 3 is said to be the first in history since it happened in the first quarter of the early slate of games. “The squad was really happy that Chris began a new era,” ML Carr said. If you asked Chris today, I’m sure he’d respond, ‘I didn’t comprehend what I was getting myself into.’

When was dunking allowed in the NBA?

Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlin could dunk, but they did it with more power than elegance and flair. The contemporary dunk was not created until the late 1960s, and it was not invented in the NBA. Many smaller communities who were unable to get an NBA club created their own league in 1967.

Did Shaq ever make a 3?

Shaq attempted 22 three-pointers over his 19-year professional basketball career, but just one was successful. Shaq’s first and only three-pointer came against the Milwaukee Bucks in the 1995-96 season. It was a buzzer-beating turnaround jumper.

Who scored 100 in a single basketball game?

Chamberlain, Wilt

How long can you hold a basketball without dribbling?

five moments

Can you dunk 5 10?

To touch the rim and dunk a full-sized basketball, you’ll need to leap around 24 inches (assuming average arm length). Few individuals in this height range will be able to dunk without first practicing their leap. However, with enough practice, you’ll be able to dunk with ease.

At what height is it easy to dunk?

To touch the rim and dunk a full-sized basketball, you’ll need to leap around 24 inches (assuming average arm length). Despite the fact that the height difference between a 5 foot 9 and a 6 foot person is just 3 inches, it is really more simpler to maneuver around this height for two reasons.


The three point line is the distance from the basket to the closest boundary of the court. It’s measured in feet, or meters for international play.

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The “high school 3 point line” is the distance from the backboard to the end of the court. The high school three-point line is a little over 23 feet, or about 7.11 meters.

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